What is the government doing to stop the flash sale coming on online shopping sites?

The Central Government has made it clear in the Lok Sabha that several steps are being taken by the government to deal with flash sales by online retailers to save small traders from losses. Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal has given detailed information about this in response to a question. It is worth noting that in the flash sale during festivals, many big products are sold in this flash sale on online sites within a few minutes.

Asked the government questions

Goyal said while replying to a question during Question Hour. He was asked whether the government has made up its mind to amend the Consumer Protection Rules 2020 and whether the government has tried to find out the impact of banning flash sales on consumers? In response, Piyush Goyal said that the Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules 2020 were notified on 23 July 2020.

Government invited proposals

He said that with a view to strengthen a framework to prevent wrong business trends in e-commerce, which harm consumers, the central government has invited proposals to amend it. These proposals have been invited on the website. The proposed amendments may also ban fraudulent flash sales. That is, those flash sales in which companies enable a banned seller or group of sellers using technology to sell products and services on their platform, will be banned.


Government expresses concern has expressed concern over


Piyush Goyal The growing impact of big online retailers. They are worried about the fact that small traders are being affected wrongly because of the big retailers. In such a situation, the government is ready to take those steps so that their interests can be protected. Piyush Goyal said in the House that a big impact of big retailers is being seen. In such a situation, consumers will be left with no other option but to buy goods at higher prices.

What the government had said in Junemade

Earlier, the government hadit clear in June that discount offers and flash sales of e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart will not be banned for the time being. On this matter, the Consumer Affairs Ministry clearly said on Tuesday that it does not intend to ban discount offers and flash sales. The new draft is not prohibiting the business activity of the e-commerce portal. Earlier, it was reported that the government is going to change the rules on e-commerce platforms to curb unfair discounts, flash sales and miss selling. Due to which flash sale will be curbed.

There was something else, the stand of the government was

issued by the Consumer Affairs Ministry on 22 June at a press conference and clarification was issued on this matter. The ministry says that the discount / sale will continue on the e-commerce platform. The government has no intention of banning flash sales. The ministry clarified that the new draft does not put any restriction on the business activity of the e-commerce portal. New provisions have been included in the draft rule to prevent fraud and fraud with customers under the guise of flash sale. Although these rules have not been finalized yet.

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