Tokyo Olympics 2020: Farewell to the Olympic Games given from the shining stadium, players will meet again in Paris after 3 years

When Covid-19 started spreading in this world, it also affected the Tokyo Olympics-2020. These games have been postponed for a year. A year later, there was an atmosphere in Japan against the organization of these games, but leaving behind all the troubles, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japan organized these games from 23 July, which ends today i.e. Sunday 8 August. Went. Fighting all the troubles, Japan successfully organized these games for 16 days. Like the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony was also mesmerizing and the spectacular fireworks, lighting, dance captivated all including the players.


spectatorsIt will be counted among the most unique games in Olympic history because spectators were not allowed to enter the stadium in these games. . There were no spectators from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and even in the matches. This is the first sport in Olympic history where spectators were not present and the reason for this was Covid-19.

Japan created a biosecure bubble fighting Kovid-19 and tried to protect the players in the Olympic Village from the disease, although Kovid left his mark in these games. In the closing ceremony, IOC President Thomas Bach handed over the Olympic flag to France, where the next Olympic Games are to be played in 2024, and officially announced the end of the Tokyo Olympics. “The players accelerated, soared higher and became stronger because everyone stood together in difficult times,” Bach said.


Bach said, “Thank you Japan , while announcing the conclusion of the Games, Bach said, “For the last 16 days, all of you have surprised us with your achievements and spread the magic of Tokyo Olympics-2020. We have all grown stronger because we have stood together in difficult times. We stayed firmly down for one roof in an Olympic Village and that’s a great message. You all surprised everyone by showing the power of the game. You have given hope to the whole world in these difficult times.

The whole world came together since the beginning of the pandemic. The games started, everyone came together. He gave us hope for the future. The Tokyo Olympic Games went with the message of hope, unity. Japanese people should be proud of themselves because what you have achieved is amazing. Thank you Tokyo, thank you Japan.”

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