SBI has given big information, if customers get this message, then be careful, do not reply even by forgetting

State Bank of India, the country’s largest state-run bank, has given a lot of information to its customers. SBI has warned its customers about KYC fraud. The bank has said that this fraud is really happening and complaints are being received all over the country. The effect of this fraud is being seen with customers all over the country. SBI has cautioned customers against this fraud and said that there is a need to avoid such fake KYC.


Alerting its customers, SBI has written in a tweet, KYC fraud is real. It has spread all over the country. Fraudulent fraudsters send text messages to the customer. For this, they identify themselves as employees of the bank or company and get personal information from people.

Why did alert


SBI has asked its customers that if any such incident comes to the fore, then its complaint should be lodged immediately. Customers can register their complaints on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal This portal works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Fraudsters posing as bank representatives through text messages or spam calls and stealing personal data. The Government of India has started this portal so that complaints related to cybercrime can be resolved quickly. Online complaints are registered on this portal and settlement is also done online.


Also tell safety tips also given

SBI hassome free safety tips while alerting the customers. SBI has given safety tips to avoid KYC fraud with customers. It has been said in the safety tips that before replying to the mail or message from any unknown source or clicking on the link given in it, think with a cool mind. SBI never sends any message for KYC update to any of its customers. In such a situation, if any message or mail or phone call comes, then never confirm the mobile number or other information.


Fraud in the name of KYC

KYC is the most powerful and reliable method of banking by which any bank knows about the credibility of its customers. It is only through KYC that the bank gets to know its customer because the necessary documents are submitted by the bank for KYC. The more documents are submitted, the more robust the KYC will be and the more banking facilities will be available. If you do KYC with less documents, then not many facilities are available in transactions etc.


There are also many accounts which have been lying dormant for a year or two. Especially in the Corona period, transactions are not being done from these accounts. In view of this, banks have put these accounts in pending. Fraudsters, taking advantage of this opportunity, send messages or mails in the name of KYC updates to cheat customers. Then talk to them about the PIN, password. Know CVV and OTP. In this way, money disappears from the account.


SBI has told customers a way to avoid this. The bank has said that every customer must check his bank statement. If any suspicious transaction is noticed, it should be reported immediately. A complaint should be lodged on the bank’s toll free customer care number or the National Cyber Crime Portal.

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