Rajasthan New Education Policy: Due to the implementation of CBCS in university and college, this effect will be on the candidates

Jaipur. Under the New Education Policy in Rajasthan, preparations are being made to implement CBCS in universities and colleges, on the other hand, in the recruitment of candidates, by compulsion of the same subject in UG-PG. is being blocked. The matter is related to the reshuffle in the latest service rules of the Education Department, which is going to directly affect the candidates in thousands.


Recently, the Governor of the state, Kalraj Mishra, as the Chancellor, has advised all the universities of the state to adopt CBCS i.e. Choice Based Credit System as per the new education policy. Also asked to implement it soon. After this, the universities of the state have started exercising this.

CBCS means


CBCS means that the student gets the freedom to choose his subjects in addition to the prescribed subjects. Accordingly grading is done. In this system, students have the option to choose the prescribed courses. Along with his course, he can also choose any other subject of the university and get some credit marks in it.

Assessment will be based on grading. In this system, students do not face any problem in migration, transfer etc. He can study any other subject from anywhere. In order to improve the quality of education, the University Grants Commission had already asked all the universities to implement CBCS. Since the introduction of the new education policy, it is being emphasized in the universities of the state as well. RU Professor Rajiv Jain says that soon the exercise on this will be completed.


But if the students do this in the state, then they may have to bear the brunt of it in a recruitment. That is the lecturer recruitment exam. Because in the new rules, for this recruitment, the education department says that the candidate must be PG in the same subject in which he has done UG.

That is, the subject will not change. It is believed that there are about two lakh students who study in the same subjects taught in science and arts. After B.Sc, they do BA. Because in Science and Arts, there are courses in subjects like Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics in Science Commerce. Whereas in UGC there are no constraints regarding subject change.

According to the candidates, school lecturer recruitment is done on the basis of postgraduate subjects and not on the basis of graduation. Then it is wrong to add graduation, post graduation in lecturer recruitment. However, there is displeasure among the candidates with the changes made in these service rules. At the same time, there is also the dilemma and contradiction as to why the compulsion of one subject is being imposed on the system implementing the CBCS system which selects different subjects.

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