Google Nest Hub will warn about user’s air pollution, smoke

Google’s smart speaker Nest Hub will alert users of air pollution fumes around them so that they can take precautionary measures.


The clock weather widget has been included in the new AQI (Air Quality Index) badge Nest Hub, slated to be available in select markets starting in the US soon.


Google said in an update that amid efforts to reduce air pollution during the recent wildfire season, it is more important than ever to know about the air quality in your area. So, we’ve added air quality information to the Ambient screen on Net Hubs so you can stay informed, alert.

Air quality data comes from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which rates air quality on a scale of zero to 500, with zero being the best air quality. When users ask what is the air quality around me? In the form of a voice command, they will get an alert if the air quality is unhealthy or unhealthy for vulnerable groups.


The EPA uses US AQI to report air quality, which includes an easy to learn color scheme ranging from zero-500 to a number value so you know right away if current air quality conditions are troublesome.

Higher values ​​mean more air pollution, each color representing a different quality category, such as good for vulnerable groups, moderate, unhealthy, unhealthy, very unhealthy, dangerous. Google said that while air quality will come to the Nest Display in the coming weeks, you can control related notifications or opt-out of viewing AQI at any time in your display’s settings.

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