Census will be done for the first time in the country through mobile app, the government told, what the common man will have to do

In a written reply from the Central Government, it has been told to the House that for the first time in the country, the census work will be completely digital. Also, the data collection will also be completed through a mobile app. Let us tell you that census work is completed every 10 years in India. India is currently the country in the world whose population is increasing rapidly. At present the population of the country is more than 130 crores.

Mobile phone number will be necessary


The written question was answered by Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai in the Central Government. He has told the House that the data will be collected with the help of a mobile app. Also, with the help of a census portal, different data will be monitored and it will be managed. According to the information given by the government, mobile phone numbers will be required on the portal as well as other information about the individuals will be required. It has been said from the government that due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the rest of the activities related to the census have been postponed for further orders.

Confidence to keep information secure,

Any person has to fill the required information with the help of the required codes given for each field. After this, an identification number will be sent to the registered mobile number. This number will have to be shared with the computing authorities to help them so that the data can be synced automatically. It has been told by the central government that the data collected will also be used to prepare other databases such as the National Register of Citizens. It has been told by the Central Government, ‘The data of every person will be collected in the census under the Census Act 1948 and it will not be made public in any way under the law.’

Census conducted 15 times so far,


The government says that it has no intention of releasing any caste-related data at this time. Census work is done after every 10 years in the country. Census of India has been conducted 15 times till the year 2011. The first census was done in 1872 by the British Viceroy Lord Mayo. The first and official census of India took place in 1881. Since 1949, this work has been done by the Registrar General of India and the Census Commissioner under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. After 1951, the entire census was completed under the Census Act, 1948. The last census was conducted in the year 2011.

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