Attention! Overspeed will be heavy on these highways, challan will be taken with automatic camera

Ghaziabad. From next week on Delhi Meerut Expressway (DME), Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) and National Highway 9 (National Highway 9) will have to drive over speed or ignore other traffic rules.

Ghaziabad Traffic Police will connect the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) installed on these three highways with the police server from next week, after which the police will send a message on the mobile of the vehicle owner by challenging the vehicles on the basis of the photo and the copy of the challan is registered. The address will be sent by speed post.

SP of Ghaziabad Traffic Police Ramanand Kushwaha said that on Friday a meeting was held with the officials of NHAI and agencies. The officials have been asked to make necessary arrangements. Along with this, by sending a letter to the Director of NIC (National Informatics Center), the server has been asked to link the ANPR on these highways with the police server.

With the commissioning of ANPR, challans will be deducted for those who violate the traffic rules. Along with this, the criminals will also be tightened. These ANPRs will also help in the identification of miscreants.

According to the SP traffic, challans will be deducted from four control rooms. He said that till now the challans of overspeed in the district were done only through interceptors, whose number is very less.

NHAI has installed cameras on DMEs every two km from UP Gate to Dasna, Dasna to Pilkhuwa, Dasna to Bhojpur and Eastern Peripheral Expressway from Duhai to Dadri. Separate control rooms have also been set up for these cameras, which will be operational next week.

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